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This blog is being developed to educate all of us on the hidden dangers that lurk in the average home. We worry about the common dangers, such as slips, falls and other notable dangers, yet there are so many more we never knew existed. So many of us are sporting illnesses that our grandparents never had and we wonder, were these always around. Probably, but most likely not to the extend we see today. People in the past that had these ailments probably worked in coal mines, farming, and other industries that would expose them to toxins. Not to mention, we didn’t have the industrial revolution until the 1900’s. But today, the average person can find toxins in almost every single product or food in their home. Which explains the wide variety of illnesses that are on the increase, like Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, different types of cancers, number of people with chronic or reoccurring migraines, and many other ailments that has befallen our current world. I personally have a Psoriasis that covers my entire body, not just a patchy area of the body. Patch Psoriasis, known as Plaque Psoriasis, is the most common and it’s hard not to know of at least two people who have it. I never knew a living soul to have this skin disorder when I was a growing up. I’m sure there were people with this. It’s just more common to know people who suffer from it in today’s world. I personally know of four other people besides myself who have psoriasis.

In my blog I will cover:

  • type of toxins:  in foods, clothing, healthcare products, and yes, even toxins lurking in our home structures. I will post alternative products and what you can do to detox your body.  I will do all I can to lead you down a healthy path.  I will also let you know of my journey with all my illnesses and what I am doing to cure myself. There is so much information out there on these topics, so be patient and come back often to find out more.
  • types of ailments caused by toxins
  • What you can do to detox
  • What you can do to maintain a toxin free world.

I am by far not a journalist, so be patient with my grammar and spelling and concentrate on the matter at hand, health.

I will probably never cover every issue out there, so please feel free to share information that you have found, even if it is counter to what I am saying. We need all the information we can get to live healthy lives. Be prepared to give us your source. You MUST post a source if you are giving advice, know how, or counter information on what is posted here. You may say “my doctor, Dr. Michael Jackson of Louisville Dermatology Specialists, advised me to…” This is a source, but what you can not do is just say “my doctor says”. We have no clue who your doctor is, what his specialty is, where he works, and if he is qualified to advise you on the topic. So please be specific.

Thank you in advance for your patients as I put this together. I work a full time job with some overtime and this sometimes takes away from my free time.  I also have an 83 year old mother who I help with her needs.  So This will not be an overnight project. But it is one I feel is very important.  We need a central place we can go to and pull that rabbit, we’ve been looking for, out of the hat.  I hope this blog is the place for you to learn and heal.

May health and happiness be yours.



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