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Monthly Archives: December, 2015

100% Cotton vs 100% polyester

Here is why you should choose cotton over Polyester PROS CONS Polyester   Long lasting Less wrinkling Dries quickly Moths do not attract to it Non-breathable Not easy to dye Moths larvae love to feed on Not Biodegradable Made of plastic with toxic chemicals Can cause skin irritation to those with sensitive skin. Not eco friendly …

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This blog page is dedicated to natural cures and remedies. Let’s face it. We have no idea what’s in over the counter medicines or even prescription medicines. And all of these have side effects. If we could go natural, why not try it?  Why not use natural cures where we KNOW what are in them. …

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Healthy but Goooood Food!

INGREDIENTS ½  Cucumber ½ CupPineapple 1  Apple 2 TablespoonsLemon Juice 1 HandfulSpinach ½  Avocado 1 HandfulAlmonds 1 ½ CupsWater DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients to your Tall Cup and blend until smooth.   Nutrition Facts Recipe: Holiday Detox Blast Servings in this Recipe: 1 Nutrition Facts Per Serving Calories 277.4 % Daily Value* Total fat 12.0 g18.4% …

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