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Some of us have fallen so far behind with nutrition that we need to get back on track fast.  It’s not enough to just start eating right, especially if your body has broken down so far that you think you are stuck with a disorder such as fibromyalgia, gout, or more for the rest of your life. Not so. Many of us can push those illnesses down. And to do so we need a nutritional boost. I highly recommend Juice Plus. It’s a tad bit expensive, but it made me feel better in just a few weeks.  It’s well worth the money to feel better.  In just three weeks I felt a bit more energetic, the cobwebs in my brain started to clear, and my gout became less of an issue. Imagine what will happen when Juice Plus becomes a part of my everyday life for months to come.  I have two friends that have been on it for awhile now and they swear by it.  One no longer has fibromyalgia and is much more energetic. The other had digestive issue and is feeling much better now. And why not! When you read the ingredients in Juice Plus, it has everything you need to get back on track nutritionally.

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I have tried so many things, Boost drinks, Multivitamins, and many many doctor visits with a variety of prescription medications.  While the medications offered temporary relief from pains and illnesses, that’s all they were, temporary solutions. Some I would take a lifetime.  But when one takes several pills a day for years,  and one gets tired quick of swallowing so many pills and wondering if they will ever get back to feeling like life is worth living, or what about the times we run out of medication and our pills still have not arrived in the mail? Or the pharmacy announces they are out of that medicine and it will be a couple of days to get it? That’s time you will suffer.  I want a permanent resolution. How about healing?  The only way to heal is to get the nutrients you need. And if you have not eaten properly in years, it will take time to get the nutrients you need to heal through food.  Juice Plus has more of what you need and is made from the foods you need to heal.  A meal has minimal nutrients while Juice Plus is packed with nutrients.

Don’t take my word for it, get a sample from someone who represents Juice Plus. Try it out and see how it makes you feel.

Be aware though, Juice Plus is made from a variety of all natural ingredients. The Pills especially are packed with so many types of foods that one has to be sure it does not contain something to which they are allergic. Juice Plus lists every food they use in their product.

The photos below shows you the ingredients in the Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blends. Juice Plus Complete Ingredients are below these.




Juice Plus Complete Ingredients

USA-completechocolatelabel USA-completevanillalabel

Please let me know how Juice Plus works for you! If you need to find a Knowledgeable Juice Plus person, contact Juice Plus:

Juice Plus Contact Page



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